So, WTF Is Mic Dreams?

Vancouver. Rapper. Hip Hop. Artist. Extraordinaire.

Formerly known as Ham-E, renowned Vancouver rap and hip-hop artist Mic Dreams began writing song lyrics at a very early age, and has grown to love performing his music ever since. The older he grew, the more he knew that one day, his love for music would evolve into something far more than just a hobby.

What Mic Dreams Does

Mic Dreams has since built a strong reputation for not writing about the usual, everyday humdrum topics, which others in the indutry pursue. He writes music for people without a voice, impactful music which delivers meaning, music which hits hard on its own merits of common thought and life struggles.

Why Mic Dreams Does It

Keenly aware of the "Powers That Be", Mic Dreams speaks truth to power, defying the "Man" and paving the way for those with the courage and willingness to awaken to the astounding reality around them.